Let's tackle a couple of issues, together.

Discourse:  the key as a means to an end.

We are a youth run, nonpartisan Institute utilizing discourse to redefine policy engagement. Within the Institute, young leaders cultivate curriculum, content, and policy which spurs fundamental innovation through discussional richness and diversity of thought.

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Our Unique Three-Prong Approach

Over the past year, we have operated 31 different programs to figure out what works the best. Based off of this, we've established the following prongs to set a gold standard in the fight for effective nonpartisan discourse.


Civic discourse is sorely lacking in America. To remedy this, we are working to implement a curriculum that promotes both discourse and policy civics.

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The Young Americans Coalition for Unity is a community of futuristic organizations oriented at bridging the partisan gap and redefining policy engagement.

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Policy Media

It is essential to consider the media’s influence on opinions and outlook -- we are dedicated to sharing nonpartisan, unbiased, and relevant content.

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What members of the institute say:

We always strive for the most efficient, effective, and innovative means of operation. To help us reach this goal, we collect feedback from all members and over the course of over 3100 participants we have found impressive numbers.

See our impact

96% of all survey participants felt that the Institute for Youth in Policy is the most innovative political nonprofit.


99% of all survey participants felt the Institute for Youth in Policy has a new and effective approach.


91% of survey participants feel that they're given extensive resources to further your policy knowledge.

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"[The Institute for Youth
in Policy] is, on many levels, enacting and leading the change we need to see."

dr. jo jorgensen, Libertarian presidential nominee

"YIP leader's great dedication, enthusiasm, and prowess reflects well in the efficacy of their programs."

Eric schmidt, former google ceo

"[YIP] is leading the much needed movement fighting for policy discourse, education, and research."

brandon tatum, founder of blexit

"YIP's work embodies the integral necessities required for a functional democracy."

RO khanna, Congressman D-CA
YIP by the numbers


We don't just make claims: here are the numbers to back them up.


of Intern and Fellows go on to stay involved with YIP past their initial internship.


programs have operated within YIP to test the grounds of our mission.


people have been reached through YIP's social media strategy and ambassadors.


students have gone though YIP programming.