YIP stands for "Institute for Youth in Policy". The Institute for Youth in Policy conducts and communicates independent, high-quality research to improve nonpartisan policy education and practice. Working with policymakers, researchers, educators, community groups, and others, the Institute seeks to advance evidence-based policies that support empowering and equitable involvement for each and every teen. Being both not-for-profit and nonpartisan, the Institute connects policymakers and youth stakeholders at the local, state, and federal levels with the evidence, ideas, and actions needed to strengthen policy education for anyone 13-25.

"Policy over Party" is a common yet powerful quote we like to go by.

The founding members all met one night on a debate zoom. One thing all of them noticed was the lack of general policy knowledge and discourse. As Tiktok simply acted as a political echochamber, Paul Kramer, a collective minarchist got together numerous other tiktokkers to plan out and execute a community for youth and political tiktokkers to not only promote opinions from different sides but also to teach policy perspectives promote constructive discourse. Thus, the Institute for Youth in Policy was established. An organization that started with only 7 writers in partnership with multiple TikTokkers on July 1, 2020. They used their collective platforms to parrot its fundamental values. Nowadays, YIP has a prominent podcast, collective creator reach of over 4 million, a YouTube channel, "simple policy" Instagram, prominent policy publishing, and peer-review journal. With a direct membership of over 450 students and a network of affiliates with a total of over 1700, the Institute for Youth in Policy has effectively built a coalition that is advancing policy research and education whilst fostering constructive discourse throughout Gen Z internationally. 

To Collaborate with Us;

  • Please send our Executive Director an email at paul@yipinstitute.com
  • Be sure to include your name, and clear info of the project

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  • @youthinpolicy/@middlegroundhypehouse on TikTok
  • @youthinpolicy on Instagram
  • @youthinpolicy on Twitter
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