National Policy
July 12, 2022

Trump 2020!

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Another election year, another debate on who the next president should be. As most of us know the main two candidates to vote for right now are Democrat Joe Biden from Pennsylvania and Republican Donald Trump from New York. The case for voting for Trump extends to the average family, libertarians and people that are anti-capitalism. The biggest question to look at is, which candidate will be best for society.

From the perspective of the average American and why they should vote for Trump, the answer is very clear in my eyes: he has implemented some amazing policies which have benefitted every working class American and the economy. A prime example of this is the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017. The act lowered taxes for every single person in every single class. When looking at the working class every individual got a boost in the amount of money accumulated after tax. This means that individuals had more money for themselves to spend to benefit themselves, while simultaneously helping the economy because they are consuming more goods and services in that economy, which gives more money to the companies and producers, which allows for reinvestment back into the economy which will create more jobs in the end. When looking at the business side of things, corporate taxes were cut by 14 percent. When taxes are cut on corporations they have more money to do many things which are beneficial to everyone. They have more money, so they have the ability to create more jobs and to produce more goods for everyone. When more goods are produced there is a higher supply, which means the price will drop for said goods, which is better off for everyone once again. There have been many other policies passed during Trump’s presidency which benefited individuals, including the First Step Act, which reduced mandatory minimum sentences and freed over 2,200 inmates from prison. It allowed for individuals to seek rehabilitation for past crimes which is overall beneficial to them. For his 2020 policy, Trump plans on creating 10 million jobs in 10 months after he is elected, create at least 1 million small businesses, further cut taxes to benefit everyone, expand opportunity zones and enact fair trade deals to help bring jobs back to Americans instead of in poor conditions around the world.

From a right-libertarian position, the main reason would be to give more power to individual private property owners. The main purpose of libertarianism is to ensure property rights at its fullest. As a lot of you know, the libertarian candidate Jo Jorgenson is the best at ensuring property rights, although the problem with Jorgenson is that the odds of her getting elected are very minimal and virtually impossible. We must decide what course of action is best to ensure property rights. The way we do this is voting for Trump. Trump wants to deregulate and lower taxes, which are both very important decisions. Although they are still violations of property rights, we must decide which is better to have: more or less violation of property rights. From a corporate accelerationist position voting for Trump gives us the highest probability of achieving a form of anarcho-capitalism. Since Trump is the biggest corporatist of all the candidates, he will give more and more power to private companies. Once the private companies have more power than the state, they will be able to overthrow the state. Now that the state is overthrown they will form their own private nations instead of the big state. Through the law of competition, we can deduce that they will want to provide the best service so people decide to live in their private nation. When this happens they will branch the private nations into more private city-type areas. These private cities can act as the private owner wants, as it is their property. Through competition and the profit motive, they will all offer what is best for the consumer and the individual living in said society.

Even if you are an anti-capitalist and believe in the eventual abolishment of capitalism. You should still vote for Trump because it will increase class consciousness and get more people to your cause. Income inequality has increased significantly under Trump, which is an example of a statistic to get more people to your cause of being anti-capitalism. Biden supports policies like a higher minimum wage which will send a perception to your cause that you do not need a post-capitalist society because the worker is getting so-called “benefits” from the state. If Trump is elected, you can use it as an advantage to get more individuals to your cause and eventually overthrow capitalism. Also, if you are anti-capitalism, my point about accellerationism still stands today that by accelerating capital and crony capitalism, it is very likely that the current system will fail, opening up an opportunity to escape capitalism.

By every metric and for almost every individual, it is a good idea to vote for Trump because it will inevitably bring about the best results for every political ideology. If you are a citizen of the United States of America it is in your best interest to vote Republican.