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Our unique approach to supporting innovation across the states.

Over the past year, we have operated 27 different programs and advised/supported over 20 different organizations.

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Civic discourse is sorely lacking in America. To remedy this, we are working to implement a curriculum that promotes both discourse and policy civics.

Ethics Advising
We partner with and consult large corporations on ethics in the political arena from a nonpartisan, innovative, and gen-z based perspective.

Policy Media
It is essential to consider the media’s influence on opinions and outlook -- we are dedicated to sharing nonpartisan, unbiased, and relevant content.

Policy; across over a dozen different mediums.

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(Programs and Involvement)

Mentors encourage and enable young persons to experience both professional and personal development. Our mentors help focus students' efforts by setting goals and giving feedback.


As student leaders experienced in operations research, building, optimization, and establishment, we are supporting and building up visions to successful organizations.

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Past simple advising, young leaders with visions get access to internal documents, events, and cheat-sheets oriented at creating effective, and functional organizations.

At this phase, we will discuss:  
(1) your vision
(2) your goals
(3) your base level establishment.
This will enable us to optimize your experience to best of our ability..


We will either go over your existing or design the skeletal structure of the organization to figure out your mission and which ideas or products will best communicate your product, service, or mission.


CloudConvert is where the magic happens. We convert your form submission into a shareable PDF. It allows up to 25 conversions per day on the free plan.


It takes time to put together an effective, multi-faceted team. With that in mind, we highly encourage people to take their time and get everything right - from team, to media presence, to mission orientation.


Now it's time to release your baby into the world! You've been hard at work for at least a few months now, so it's time for that hard work to pay off :)


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