SPEAK Program

What is SPEAK?

A public speaking and debate program that aims to educate, inform, and ignite a passion for domestic and foreign policy issues!

Who is SPEAK?

We are excited to welcome both YIP members and non-YIP members to SPEAK! We encourage any and everyone to apply!

When is SPEAK?

The program is 3 days from
August 19th to 21st.
However, programming is not all day.

Upcoming Events

SPEAK Program

August 19th to August 21st
A public speaking and debate program hosted in collaboration with Cambridge Center for Intenational Research and Bridge USA!

Effective Discourse

The Effective Discourse branch’s mission is to expand and deepen the futuristic brand by developing a lasting and active political community through various settings and mediums. This plays into the Institute for Youth in Policy’s greater mission by energizing young people to actively partake in productive discourse through actionable methods of communication