Civic Innovations

“If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.”
— Steven Johnson (born 1968), Science Author & Media Theorist

YIP's Civic Innovations department is one of those environments. It is the hub for YIP's miscellaneous pilot programs that allows YIP to launch and grow various creative projects that otherwise wouldn't fit within any other preexisting departments. Projects taken in by Civic Innovations are intentionally diverse, attempting to intersect politics with numerous other industries and fields of study, such as business, computer science, data, writing, and so on. The defining characteristics of the department are very much creativity freedom, interdisciplinary excellence and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Those given the opportunity to work on or lead any of our projects will receive assistance in areas ranging from recruitment to hiring to technical resources to leadership training, general professional development, team building and much more in order to achieve their project goals. Independent of project success, however, Civic Innovations aims to provide an enriching and positive experience for all those involved with any one of our projects.

The Pitch

Civic Innovations exists to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge to realize the ideas and visions they are passionate about. Anyone that meets YIP's general eligibility requirements is welcomed to pitch a project idea to Civic Innovations. Every pitch is required to provide the following components/information:

A rough timeline for the proposed project, including when work is expected to begin and when the project may be completed (e.g. Beginning early July 2022 until the end of December 2022). This timeline is not expected to be final. In fact, Civic Innovations expects that project timelines will likely change.

A thorough description of the vision for the project. What will it look like once fully developed? What is the end goal? Essentially, what is the big idea?

While the following are not required, a good pitch may also include: A list of positions that would need to be staffed in order to execute the project. Naturally, the exact titles and roles will vary depending on the specific needs of each project. You should further provide a rough identification of intermediate milestones. These are 2 to 3 or more steps or “checkpoints” that signify progress. Or, furthermore, a description of what assistance or resources is needed from YIP or Civic Innovations to realize the proposed idea

The Evaluation

Generally speaking, ideas and proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Feasibility of project execution. Essentially, how achievable is the proposed project?

Goodness of idea. Basically, this is whether or not the idea or vision presented is attractive or appealing to pursue.

Suitability. Ideas may be awesome and the people presenting them equally impressive but still may simply not be a good fit for Civic Innovations or YIP as a whole. This may be because the idea does not align with YIP’s values, there is a similar project already in the works or Civic Innovations is not equipped to assist the project in the ways it might need at the moment.

Anyone making a pitch is free to present their ideas through whatever medium, format, tools or means they see fit (e.g. a powerpoint, written document, vision board, poster, video, etc.). One can make scheduling arrangements for their idea pitches through contacting the Senior Vice President of Civc Innovation via email:

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