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As the US's leading youth-led nonpartisan organization focused on this unique combined mission of ethics, curriculum, and policy media - all to remedy the lack of discourse; YIP seeks to give everyone -- no matter their party, ideology, or background -- a chance to form their political beliefs, get involved, and understand the logic behind respective policy. We're hosting special programming, creating world changing curriculum, and fostering those constructive, difficult discussions daily.

Explore positions to support our three impact branches on every level -- ranging from corporate functions to on-the-ground organizing.

Explore fields ranging from policy analysis, to operations management, to community engagement.

See why we're the most successful youth-run nonpartisan organization.

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Across all of YIP's programs, sub-organizations, and merges, we received over 8000 applicants in 2021.

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We believe that the approach to effective corporate management is a unique project-based management structure. With so many unique positions, you'll face a new challenge every day.

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YACU (Young Americans Coalition for Unity)
With a vast coalition from starting, building, and established organizations within the coalition, we need consultants experienced at business analysis, providing development strategies, expert opinions, and structural outlining.
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Discord Community Lead
The Discord Community Lead will spearhead the development of an official YIP Discord server and foster an online community among members of YIP.
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Events Director
The Events Director will work closely with the other YIP departments, particularly Coalition, Curriculum, and Policy Media, to organize initiatives for the political and professional development of YIP members.
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Outreach Director
The Outreach Director will assist not only in internal communications between Community and other departments but also work closely with the Discord Community Lead and Events Director to facilitate communication between YIP members and senior leadership.
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Marketing Intern
YACU (Young Americans Coalition for Unity)
We are looking for interns who can manage joint-marketing events, content management, networking, and strategic planning.
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Event Coordinator
YACU (Young Americans Coalition for Unity)
Event coordinators plan and collaborate with organizations to host a variety of coalition events.
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Data Scientist
YACU (Young Americans Coalition for Unity)
We are looking for applicants that contain analytical, statistical, and programming skills in order to analyze and interpret data sets pertaining to strategic business operations and management.
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Curriculum Outreach Intern
Interns will be communicating and managing outreach with several groups to integrate a non-partisan civics curriculum in national schools (public, private, charter). Interns will spend about 3 hours a week, split between an individual task and a weekly team meeting.
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Curriculum Development Intern
Curriculum Development
Interns will be working to build a non-partisan curriculum that emphasizes the need for healthy discourse and cross-ideological cooperation.
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Data Analytics Intern
Curriculum Outreach
Data Analytics interns will be responsible for the majority of the data collection and analysis that the Curriculum Outreach Department does.
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Policy Media
Marketing Director
The marketing director will lead social media and expansion initiatives to help maximize the number of people who see and interact with YIP.
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Policy Analyst
Policy analysts focus on specific policy areas (i.e. health policy, social policy, economic policy, foreign policy, etc.) and work with a team to write nonpartisan research policy briefs, which are published on the YIP website at
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Editorial Outreach Associate
The Editorial Outreach Associate will work closely with the Editor-in-Chief to identify, contact, and forge relationships with peer reviewers for The Journal of Policy Analysis.
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Thanks for your interest, but there aren't any internships open for this department right now. Check back later, or use the "General Apply" form at the bottom of this page!
Organizational Support
Thanks for your interest, but there aren't any internships open for this department right now. Check back later, or use the "General Apply" form at the bottom of this page!
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