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Events Director

The Events Director will work closely with the other YIP departments, particularly Coalition, Curriculum, and Policy Media, to organize initiatives for the political and professional development of YIP members.

In continuation of the work that YIP has accomplished in the past, such as the establishment of our 2021 Fellowship Program, you will be responsible for creating opportunities (e.g. fellowships, debate sessions, workshops) that will further the reach of YIP’s mission to its members and beyond.

Position Requirements

- A resume and cover letter are REQUIRED to apply for this position.…
- Prior experience in organizing initiatives, virtually or in-person (provide examples)…
- Previously held leadership role(s) in other organizations/projects…
- Mastery of efficient/appropriate social media practices, computer skills – Google Drive, email etiquette, other communication tools such as Slack, etc.…
- Strong research and writing skills are required. Good communication and speaking skills are also useful. YIP is a multimedia nonprofit (501c3) so a variety of skills is encouraged. Be prepared to wow us in your interview.

Focus Area
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