Our impactful background.

The Institute began as an influencer-based prospect in the Summer of 2020.

June 2020
Founder Paul Kramer, active in numerous political TikTok communities got together numerous influencers to promote a new ideal - a community to push for active discourse amidst the consistent toxicity of the community.
July 2020
From a simple TikTok video, subscribers, fans, and the political TikTok community showed extensive interest in a quality youth-run policy based organization. Political Youth (later rebranded as the Institute for Youth in Policy) was born!
November 2020
Political Youth rebrands as the Institute for Youth in Policy (YIP), launches a new website, and launches 3 new programs oriented at policy publishing, advocacy, and education.

“We were essentially one big, youth-run project trying out new ideas left, right and centre. It was fun and all, but there is only so many programs you can operate before you start losing your mind.”

Paul, Founder and Executive Director of YIP

March 2021
The Young Americans Coalition for Unity (YACU) is acquired by the Institute for Youth in Policy to collectively further the push for effective, youth-run policy synthesis and discourse promotion.

"To help further and grow our mission, we've made the decision to become a part of the Institute for Youth in Policy (YIP). The YACU will dissolve as a nonprofit organization and [combine efforts with YIP]."

Andrew Juan, Co-founder of the YACU

June 2021
The Institute sums up 8 programs under the Strategic Innovations department and launches new programming with over 600 students!
July 2021
On July 1st, the Institute celebrates it's 1 year anniversary and the beginning of its first fiscal year as a 501(c)3 recognized organization!

"We are official" is now official.

Institute for Youth in Policy


[ˈinstəˌt(y)o͞ot for yo͞oTH in ˈpäləsē]
First year operating as a nationally recognized and IRS, CAFD, and PVSA certified nonprofit!

August 2021
We establish our new four-prong approach to properly tackle the lack of proper and respectful discourse.

The four-prongs are community, policy media, advising, and curriculum - all based around the 27 programs we successfully operated in 2020-21.
September 2021
Summer programming with over 600 students concludes - many go on to work in management within the Institute to continue promoting our collective mission.

“YIP's first year was an opportunity for us to try out dozens of program ideas and see what works best. It allowed us to learn exactly what innovative ideas work and which don't. Based off of these great programs, our approach is simple, with four prongs we can be sure we build the most effective organization possible.”

Paul, Founder and Executive Director of YIP

Join us on this journey!