Erevna: Policy for the People

Erevna is an international, intercollegiate, and interdisciplinary nonprofit providing student research opportunities.

We host panels, fellowships, and -thon events focused on education, data science, startups, public policy writing, and more for over five thousand students.

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The Foreign Policy Youth Collab.

The FPYCA is a nonpartisan nonprofit that highlights youth voices on global issues and creates
long-term pathways to bridge the gap between politicians and teens across the political spectrum.

As part of its work, FPYCA disseminates information on social media and other electronic and non-electronic

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Young Asian Pacific
American Leaders

Launched in 2020, we are growing our program offerings with a wide variety of opportunities for young APAs to unleash their inner potential.

Whether you're interested in intellectual conversations or participating in campaign events, we’ve got options that are suitable for everyone. Get in touch today to learn more about how YAPAL helps build the nation's future.

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The Cosmos Championship

The Cosmos Championship is a global, virtual debating platform for high school students of any skill level. ​

Almost every week, we host several debates to accommodate all of the regions of the world.For experienced debaters, The Cosmos Championship acts as the perfect training ground to practice debating on an international stage in order to expand frontiers and become a better debater.

Debaters also get the opportunity to try out different formats!​ For participants who are new to debating, The Cosmos Championship acts as the perfect platform to try debating out in a low pressure and social environment, while engaging with people who live thousands of Kilometers away.

One way or another it is an unprecedented opportunity: an absolute score!

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