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The YIP Journal conducts and communicates independent, high-quality research to improve nonpartisan education policy and practice around the world. Working with researchers, policymakers, educators, community groups, and others, the Journal seeks to advance political discourse and understanding from all sides. The Institute connects students at the local, state, national, and international levels with the evidence, ideas, and programs needed to strengthen global discourse.

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The YIP Podcast highlights and interviews both political influencers and specialists in various fields of study, going in-depth on the evolution of today's political, philosophical, technological, and environmental climates.

Notable Guests include Presidential Candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen, Howie Hawkins, and Hoover Institution Sr. Fellow Professor Hanushek.

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One of the most important issues facing us today is the inability to sit down to have a civil conversation. Another issue that goes hand-in-hand is the one-sided narrative driven by the media. This money-driven narrative brews tensions for everyone regardless of their position on the political compass. We aim to reconcile our differences by bringing people together to listen and speak.

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A robust, fully-developed program that publishes content pertaining to various political platforms and topics. This appeals to Gen-Z, as our content is readable and understandable, breaking down technical concepts clearly and concisely.

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Having a strong media presence invites avenues for change and opens up opportunities to impart a more significant impact on discourse-based promotion. The Institute possesses numerous policy-review teams that create the policy content we produce. Discourse provocation remains at the forefront of our content and will always shine through across all topics.

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Young Americans Coalition for Unity

The Young Americans Coalition for Unity (YACU) is a movement operating as a program within YIP dedicated to engaging youth in politics whilst promoting unity and bipartisanship.

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