About Us

One of the most important issues facing us today is the inability to sit down to have a civil conversation. Another issue that goes hand-in-hand is the one-sided narrative driven by the media. This money-driven narrative brews tensions for everyone regardless of their position on the political compass. We aim to reconcile our differences by bringing people together to listen and speak. Our slogan is "Conversation. Discourse. Exchange." because we truly believe that this is the only way to heal the wound that the tension has caused.

Of course, this tension isn't something that we can fix by ourselves. We ask you to be mindful of other people, their thoughts, and be willing to sit down with someone on the other side of the aisle. This is a mission that we as humans should all be fighting for.

The Story

"Verbum began as a one-man idea during the quarantine season of 2020. Coincidently, the same year the United States faced major scrutiny for a plethora of reasons ranging from police brutality, protests, riots or the inadequate handling of the pandemic. Amidst this situation, the political unity in America became fragile; thus, both sides were unwilling to sit down and have a civil conversation.

Allen, founder of Verbum, saw this as a detrimental issue to the youth of the country and as a result began to compile a list of people who are interested in coming on a video call for political discourse. The spreadsheet compiles a list of people from all over the country, with a variety of backgrounds like age, race, and gender. Using the powers of technology and social media powerhouses like TikTok, the spreadsheet of debaters became a way for Allen to pair people up for a conversation."

Verbum will continue to bring people together for discourse, and we have awesome plans and partnerships that you'll see in the near future!