The Institute for Youth in Policy (YIP) seeks to re-engage young adults in politics through a constructive lens. Over the last forty years, there has been an unfortunate increase in policy-based divisiveness. Frankly, YIP intends to reverse this trend. Through discourse, an instrumental good, we tackle this trend head-on and utilize it as a means to an end - a revitalized country where richness and diversity of thought are commonplace and prevailing. Our real and effective approach has worked wonders thus far and will continue to do so in the future.

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The Institute for Youth in Policy is the leading nonpartisan organization that is strictly youth led and youth founded.

We are students helping other students succeed and we believe constructive discourse is the key to forging lasting impact, as the movement we are leading continues to grow.


Quality always comes first. All projects, teams, and programs are led by passionate leadership.


Our large membership keeps us on track to ensure the most efficient, innovative, and effective approach.

Student Focus

Motivation backing the Institute is formed by student's individual experience. It's key we reflect that.

Celebrate diversity,
focus on inclusion

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of experiences shape the way we interact with and think about policy and politics.


it is extremely important that we work towards an equitable way to get involved with policy. We synergize with other organizations to ensure that everyone is doing their respective part.

what our members say when we ask:

What has our performance been like?

Our latest efforts:

"YIP, over the past several months, has been trying to make a more effective and efficient team. Specifically, leadership has been building and trying out different methods of management so that the overall mission can be translated as best as possible. Seeing how well people and departments are functioning, I think this is a testament to YIP's commitment to its mission."
- Kavya Venugoplan, Interim Legal Director


"The team is constantly working on bettering the overall programs. Furthermore, current leadership is receptive and easily accessible! I appreciate the fact that they are easy to reach, and I have never felt as though I had to jump over obstacles in order to reach them."
- Keisha de Castro, Publishing Team Jr. Fellow

A land of Opportunity:

"My time in writing for the Institute for Youth in Policy has been one of intellectual growth and greater understanding. In a world full of political polarization and misinformation, YIP gives youth the opportunity to bridge the gap and to set the foundation for reasoned discourse."
- Xaxa Smith, Publishing Team Fellow

Policy Publishing:

"Every article allows young writers to freely explore political and policy-related topics that interest them in great depth in addition to equipping them with useful research skills. Reading and editing these articles has personally helped me learn more about matters I would probably not have been aware of or sought out on my own. Moreover, the nature of the YIP community makes it so that people are comfortable with and even encouraged to share opinions of any kind with peers."
- Lia Margarita Te, Editor, Secondary Program

The other organizations we synergize with:

School Simplified: A YIP Featured Partner.
Featured partner Project:
The YIP Institute Discord - Join Here!

School Simplified features a global community of over 60,000 teenagers. In this diverse, open-minded, and inclusive community, you'll have opportunities to make new friends from all around the world.of experiences shape the way we interact with and think about policy and politics.

Collectively, School Simplified and YIP are partnering to create and foster a healthy political community promoting effective discourse across party lines.