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As the US's leading youth-led nonpartisan organization focused on this unique combined mission of ethics, curriculum, and policy media - all to remedy the lack of discourse; YIP seeks to give everyone -- no matter their party, ideology, or background -- a chance to form their political beliefs, get involved, and understand the logic behind respective policy. We're hosting special programming, creating world changing curriculum, and fostering those constructive, difficult discussions daily.

Explore positions to support our three impact branches on every level -- ranging from corporate functions to on-the-ground organizing.

Explore fields ranging from policy analysis, to operations management, to community engagement.

See why we're the most successful youth-run nonpartisan organization.

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Across all of YIP's programs, sub-organizations, and merges, we received over 8000 applicants in 2021.

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We believe that the approach to effective corporate management is a unique project-based management structure. With so many unique positions, you'll face a new challenge every day.

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